GAMVAC vehicle is used for suction and transport of liquid waste and other purposes for which vacuum loading is required.  The loading is carried out by means of a sucking-discharge connection and thanks to the use of a four-way valve it is possible to empty the tank under pressure. The tank can also be emptied by means of tipping. The bodies are mounted on the trucks chassis which are produced by leading manufacturers such as MAN, DAF, Volvo, Mercedes, Scania and Renault. Thanks to its reliable construction and checked solutions, GAMVAC is ideal in case of failure of the sewage system or for emptying of cesspits and alike.


GAMVAC vehicles are available in versions with a tank made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The capacity of the tank depends on the gross vehicle mass rating (GVWR) of the chassis. The cylindrical tank is mounted on a subframe and is placed on the chassis in accordance with strict vehicle construction standards.


GAMVAC type vehicles are equipped with hose trays for storing suction hoses. For aesthetic and safety reasons, the vehicle can be equipped with lockable cabinets and side boxes. The standard equipment of GAMVAC vehicle includes side tool boxes, key-locked.


Depending on the customer's needs, GAMVAC vehicles can be equipped with a fixed or an openable rear door. The simplest rear door is equipped with DN600 inspection manhole that provides an access to the interior of the tank. On the rear door there are: suction-discharge connection, suction coupling and a floater ball indicator. GAMVAC vehicles are equipped with a stainless steel chute located under the couplings.