Pressure vehicle



GAMKOMBI vehicle is used to clear sewers with high pressure water with the possibility of simultaneous suction of waste into the sludge tank. This solution enables to shorten the work cycle and to have more control over the entire process. Thanks to its efficient suction and HP system, GAMKOMBI is, among others, used for emptying septic tanks, secondary tanks and various types of holding tanks, transporting liquid waste, clearing and cleaning sewers with a diameter of up to 800 mm, cleaning façades and small objects such as bus shelters, monuments, as well as worksites and the vehicle itself with a water gun. The bodies are mounted on the trucks chassis which are produced by leading manufacturers such as MAN, DAF, Volvo, Mercedes, Scania and Renault. GAMKOMBI is the best choice when vacuum emptying of tanks or application of high pressure water is required.


GAMKOMBI vehicles are available in versions with a tank made of carbon steel or of stainless steel. The capacity of the tank depends on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the chassis. The GAMKOMBI tank is divided into two chambers, i.e. the clean water chamber and the sludge chamber, whereas the chambers can be connected by an overflow valve, which allows to create one chamber for clean water. The cylindrical tank is mounted on a subframe and is placed on the chassis in accordance with strict vehicle construction standards.


GAMKOMBI vehicles can be equipped with hose trays for suction hoses or lockable side lockers, which increase safety and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. The standard equipment of GAMKOMBI vehicle includes convenient tool boxes made of stainless steel, key-locked.


Depending on the customer's needs, GAMKOMBI vehicles can be equipped with a fixed or an openable rear door. The fixed rear door is equipped with an inspection manhole and the openable rear door is equipped with bolts and hydraulic cylinders. GAMKOMBI vehicles are equipped with a stainless steel chute.


The standard equipment of GAMKOMBI vehicles includes a four-way shut-off valve system protecting the compressor against flooding. Additionally, according to the requirements of the Bureau of Technical Inspection, tank of GAMKOMBI vehicle is equipped with a safety valve that is set at the pressure limit of 0.05 MPa. The suction-pressure system also includes a compressor that is hydraulically or mechanically driven.


The hydraulically driven reel is located in the upper part of the tank on its central axis. The length of the hose on the reel depends on the choice of the diameter and the intended use. The hydraulically driven jib enables lifting, telescopic movement and maneuvering with the jib around the vehicle according to the needs of the operator.


The high-pressure system consists, among others, of a high-pressure, mechanically driven pump that is used for sewer channels from 50 to 800 mm in diameter. The pump is protected against dry running and excessive increase of pressure. GAMKOMBI vehicles are equipped with a pneumatic purging system for hoses and other components to remove residual water from the installations. High-pressure system components, including pressure hoses, preliminary filters and venting system, are made of the highest quality materials.


Pressure hoses are located on hydraulically driven reels with an adjustable speed of rotation. The large pressure reel is located on the rear door and it can be rotatable or on a pivot. The length and diameter of the hose are chosen according to the high-pressure pump. GAMKOMBI pressure reels are equipped in an hose alignment system, facilitating the operator's work.


GAMKOMBI vehicles are equipped with a set of pressure nozzles selected according to the customer's needs. The pressure gun allows precise application of water to clean the worksite or the vehicle itself.


GAMKOMBI varnish coating fulfills the most stringent anti-corrosion requirements, which guarantees durability and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. The colour of the bodywork is selected in accordance with the RAL colour palette, and the thickness of the layer is verified during the quality control by means of electronic measurement.


The GAMKOMBI control panel enables intuitive operation of all the systems and its location and ergonomic design increase the efficiency of the operator's work.


GAMKOMBI vehicles can be equipped with a number of options that increase the performance of the vehicle, but also the standard of work of the operator, including: a rear view camera, a radio control, a sewage measurement system, a GPS, a slurry pump.

Vehicle Type GVM (kg) Tank Capacity (l) Water Pump
Vacuum Pump
GAMKOMBI 6 15 000 6 000 250 @ 170 1000
GAMKOMBI 8 18 000 8 000 345 @ 170 1000-1300
GAMKOMBI 10 26 000 10 000 345 @ 170 1300-1600
GAMKOMBI 12 26 000 12 000 345 @ 170 1300-1600